Hey you, big wellcome to my blog! This section was specially created for you not because I want to show off with my english skills 🙂 I just want you to understand what I do. Obviously I do wedding photography, but also family, baptise, corporate, budoir and other events too.

For more photos from my weddings you can visit my PORTFOLIO section by going to “Galerie“, or you can have a loog into my BLOG section for more pics from the same event or photoshoot.

Can’t wait to meet you and have fun during your photoshoot! What do you say, should we get in touch?

You can call me directly on +4 0767 243 733 or going to CONTACT section to e-mail me.

FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHYOK, but what can I actually do for you? Well, because it’s all about you and your wedding or photoshoot, I want you to feel confortable with me around. I’m “hunting” like a storyteller your feelings, amotions and gestures, because images that actually mean something for you is what makes me a photographer and inspire me. I will use my own vision on telling your love story. Who cares about my vision? Exactly, you do! Because my vision and your happiness makes a good photo to be treasured and kept for an eternity.

You maybe wonder, why is this guy talking about weddings and emotions when I only need a corporate session or a corporate reception ? It’s because I do weddings mainly, but I’ll be honest with you and tell you that a corporate reception is not much different than a wedding reception. Only the way people are acting. At a wedding they laugh and show happiness and at a corporate reception they do business. My dress code is the same, I always wear a nice suit to blend in and be discreet, otherwise I wouldn’t be a storyteller or documentary photographer.

So, no matter what kind of photographic services you are looking for, I’m ready to offer you the best quality $$$ can buy, because I’m well prepared, highly educated, discreet and when needed at weddings super funy to help you relax.

OK, I think I talked more than enough to make you fall asleep 🙂 HOPE NOT!

Enjoy my images and waiting for your call or e-mail!

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